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Ralink Rt5572 Driver 12




Dumpler Firmware {#sec2.2.3} The Dumpler firmware includes a simple music player and an example of how to get data into and out of the device. The code is written in Common Lisp and compiled into ELF format. It is available for download in source format from . Once the device is configured to run the program, you can start the program by typing `dumpler` in the shell prompt. From the shell prompt, press CTRL-C to quit the program. The Dumpler program runs in the background and can be started again with the `dumpler run script` command. When the program starts, the first prompt is `>`. Type a number to play a sound file. The number is assigned to the *input* variable `(input (int 0))`. After the `>` prompt, the device prints the file name, size, and bitrate of the audio file. If the program did not play the file, the error message `(error input)` will appear. Click the  header tag with the text "Go to the Gut of The Ocean" to play the audio file. Pre-programmed Tune {#sec2.3} ------------------- The *pre-programmed tune* is an MP3 file of a song titled "Go to the Gut of the Ocean" from Pink Floyd. It was loaded with the tune composer named "



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Ralink Rt5572 Driver 12

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