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Basics of Composition: Elements and Techniques

Principles of effective creative work

What might safe creative work look like in practice? For example, if you have been writing for four, five or six hours in a row, after that go outside and take a walk for at least half an hour. Better yet, go to the gym or the pool. Give your body the physical activity it needs, write my essay in 3 hours and during this time your brain will rest and get ready for the next day's work 🙂 .

If your main work takes up most of the day, and only evening time remains for creativity, try this scheme:

1. When you come home from work, do some active household chores - cook dinner, take a shower, do a little cleaning, minor housework, etc. - and socialize with your family. This will allow you to disconnect from the office problems and get some rest. Allow an hour and a half or two hours for this part.

2. Take 15-20 minutes to get everything ready to work comfortably. Some people like to have a cup of tea or a plate with some goodies next to the computer. Some are comfortable working with a notepad and pen to take notes. Some people need a free desk, and for others it's important to have some privacy, or at least a chance to fend off the hustle and bustle of the house with headphones and music. Before you immerse yourself in the story you're writing, take care of yourself and your comfort. If you do this regularly, over time you'll have rituals that will help you learn to tune in quickly to your creativity. And that's a big plus!

3. Dedicate as much time to writing as you have left before bedtime. Clearly, sometimes the inspiration strikes so that it can not stop. But still - do not sacrifice the necessary hours of a night's rest too often. That's the most important thing.

4. Try to finish history homework help work when there is still energy. Do not drive yourself to total exhaustion. It is better to get up from the computer at the moment when the energy slump has just begun, rather than reaching the lowest point. Such a technique will help you always experience only positive emotions from working on a book, which means that it is easy and regular to return to it. Our psyche, our body, is built in such a way that any negative feelings are a signal to it: this - the case or the situation - must be avoided.

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