At 7:30am on the morning of 8/01/19 the SPI Birding Nature & Alligator Sanctuary received a 2nd nuisance gator call to rescue an Alligator from the SPI Golf course in Laguna Vista. This gator was obviously being fed by visiting renters and the residents were afraid because it would approach people every time they neared the water. We were able to catch him in just a few minutes and immediately realized that something was wrong with the gator’s breathing. Upon closer inspection, we saw a telephone cord tied around his neck which had caused significant damage to his armor. This poor little guy has a 1/2 inch cut through his neck from out growing the cord someone put on him when he was a yearling. Sadly, things like this happen often to the Alligator’s that are rescued or just in their natural habitat. BUT, we will rehabilitate the newly named Alligator, Dundee, until he is back up to perfect health and put him into the Juvenile Pond at the Birding & Alligator Sanctuary!! He will now have a forever home in our beautiful oasis! Please alert the SPI Gator Rescue team at the Birding Center if you see a nuisance

Alligator.  Huge thanks to Captain Dunks head of the Game Warden division in our area!

South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center 6801 Padre Boulevard, South Padre Island, TX 78597 call 956-761-6801.

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