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Alligator Rescues in the Lower RGV

The springtime brings peak breeding season for the American Alligator. These adult alligators will wander from their natural area as they look for mates. In addition, dominant males start to drive out rivals from territories. Sometimes these roaming alligators end up in unusual places and can become problematic for the residents nearby. The South Padre Island Birding Nature Center and Alligator Sanctuary would like to share some of those encounters with these magnificent and misunderstood creatures. 

Picture 1a.

Pic 1a. 6.5 ft alligator rescued at Cameron County Airport. The curious gator was trying to cross a fence looking for new territory but had no luck in doing so.

Picture 2a.

Pic 2a. is the same gator safely being released by the SPIBNC staff in the Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge with an abundance of habitat for the gator to thrive in.

Picture 3a.

Look at him go! Same gator swimming in his new home enjoying the freshwater.

Picture 1b.

Pic 1b. Staff of the SPIBNC assisting Texas Park & Wildlife Game Wardens in the rescue of an alligator in Bayview, Texas. This gator was not a nuisance but one that wandered into a residential home's drainage ditch.  

Picture 2b.

Pic 2b. Staff of the SPIBNC assisting in measuring the alligator before being released. This impressive gator measured 10.5 ft long! 

Picture 3b.

Pic 3b. Texas Parks & Wildlife Game Warden and staff of the SPIBNC carefully releasing the 10.5 alligator at Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge where it will stay out of trouble. 

Picture 4b.

Pic 4b. The gator which we nicknamed "Roman", slowly but surely moves into his newfound home at the Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge. 

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