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Daily "Gator Talks"

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Learn all about the incredible American Alligator

through our daily "Gator Talks" and experience the SPI Alligator Sanctuary!  

Meet "Big Padre" a rescued 12' 6" male American Alligator and other juvenile rescued alligators! After each "Gator Talk" you can have a chance to hold and take a photo with a baby gator and a snake with the purchase of the "Adventure Package". A fun and educational experience for the family!

Fall is approaching, and migratory songbirds and Monarch butterflies will soon embark on their long journey down south to their wintering grounds. Join us in planting native plants in our gardens to create valuable migratory stopover habitats for them on South Padre Island!

The SPIBNC&AS will be participating in the fall "Big Sit". on Saturday, October 7th.


We invite the community to join our Naturalists team for a full day of birding the fall migration from the comforts of our back deck looking over the shores of the beautiful Laguna Madre in efforts to see as many species as possible.


One of our missions is to conserve and create habitat for migratory birds! You can help our cause by pledging a monetary amount per bird species that we record on the date. Donations will help fund seasonal wetland maintenance projects and the creation of native plant gardens for migratory songbird species.


Pledge to help migratory birds by scrolling out and filling out the pledge form below. 

Monarchs are unique due to their two-way migration. Celebrate the beautiful and spectacular fall migration as they travel down the Texas coastal flyway to their winter home in central Mexico.
Enjoy Monarch-themed activities, butterfly garden tours, and more!

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