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Add and edit markup directly in your drawing window by assigning text or dimensions to layers or objects, or by editing a design intent using the new object mode.(video: 1:42 min.)Object Selection in Layer Styles:Select objects on the drawing canvas directly from the Layers palette. Start selecting objects and drag directly onto the drawing canvas.(video: 3:05 min.)Object Select in Arrays:Pick an object from an array and then pick another, to quickly create a new array containing both of them. The original is left intact.(video: 4:20 min.)Object Preview:Select multiple objects and see a preview of the array when dragging them.(video: 3:55 min.)Extrusion and Pattern Extrusion:Drag and drop to extrude or extrude from the drawing canvas. The new tool lets you extrude objects such as text, arcs, or circles, and patterns such as dotted lines, dashed lines, or square grid patterns. Drag and drop to extrude from the toolbox.(video: 6:55 min.)Edit Objects with Push and Pull:Edit objects in the drawing window by pushing and pulling them. This is a version of the existing Edit menu that’s designed for easy editing.(video: 4:37 min.)Clone Objects:Create a copy of a selected object by holding down the Ctrl key and dragging it to a new location. Drag the Ctrl key to cancel the move.(video: 3:55 min.)Grouping:Drag to group multiple objects into a new, unified group. This is a version of the existing Group command that’s designed for easy editing.(video: 3:55 min.)Group and Ungroup:Select multiple objects and then group or ungroup them by dragging them into a group icon in the Layers palette.(video: 3:55 min.)Select by Color:Find objects with the same color and select them all. The objects are added to a new group.(video: 3:55 min.)Automatic Ink Detection:Draw or edit in a new color mode and automatically detect when ink is being used, such as in a graphite pencil drawing.(video: 2be273e24d

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